Pay per click

What is PPC?

Pay per click or PPC is one of the most effective ways to get traffic to your website. Typically, you will get a sponsored link in Google or other popular search engines for a specific ad set under a given keyword. Let’s say that you bid an ad placement for the keyword pay per click and so every time people search this keyword in Google, they will see a sponsored link to your site. Each time the users click on the ads and visit your site, you will have to pay a certain fee to the advertisers. Google Adwords (now Google Ads) is now one of the most popular arenas when it comes to PPC.

Over a period of time, different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. have also gained an extreme level of popularity in the PPC based marketing model. People are spending millions of dollars on Facebook Ads without knowing the features of PPC advertising or a PPC marketing strategy. Eventually, they end up with huge marketing costs which dramatically reduce business growth.

pay per click

Paid search

what is paid search

PPC or Pay per Click models are more like paid search. People often tend to ignore the paid search results since the majority of the business owners don’t have a PPC management team. At our SEO company we have our skilled PPC management team who have offered service to much international business in the UK, USA, and Europe. Our specialized team will curate the ads according to your business model and make sure it’s highly engaging. Without the touch of true professionals, it’s really hard to get visitors even through paid search. experts work hard to make the paid search look more relevant which will eventually gain attractions of users. You need to present data in a very precise way or else the whole process of paid search or AdWords advertising will be in vain. Our experts will do the following things for you.

Goals & Aucience

Together with the client, we set the goal that he would like to achieve. Then we adjust our PPC strategy to get the highest conversion rate (goal achievement). Next, we are finding the perfect audience for your business growth. With the help of filtering and search advertising, you can easily reduce the time span to achieve your brand identity in the global market. Our precise paid search advertising strategy always ensures maximum delivery of the ad set data, which eventually boost your sales performance through filtered traffic. So, you can rely on our team since Exsisto Global SEO Agency is a well-known brand when it comes to PPC marketing services.


Determining Goals


Determining Goals and Target Audience


Market Research


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Finding the Right Keywords for PPC Advertising

Though there are many PPC company, our marketing agency is one of the best PPC advertising companies for your business growth. First of all, we all do keyword research and find all the relevant keywords with low competition. After doing extensive research, we will filter the keywords which have the potential to drive potential leads to your website.

Our experts don’t just focus on the number of paid visitors rather they filter out your potential clients. Being new to this industry, getting a fruitful result based on paid search marketing without the help of a PPC company is really hard. Let our experts take care of your need and do all the hard work.

Please note that we focus on three major criteria to find the best keywords for your paid search. These are:

  • Relevant
  • Exhaustive
  • Expansive

Without having a true insight of these three factors no PPC marketing service is fruitful. Our specialized team will make sure your ads are optimized to meet its target goals.

Writing Successful Ads text

We create the contents based on the completion of ad auctions. Being a professional PPC marketing company we want to deliver the best leads to you within the lowest possible price. Very few PPC advertising companies actually understand how the ad auctions work. Our experts know the proper strategy and focus on high-quality content creations to achieve the best results.

Our experts know the proper way to manage your PPC campaigns. Based on your business model we will redefine landing page (if necessary) to maximize our potential sales. Converting the lead to sales is a very challenging task. However, with the help of adding negative keywords conversion, we can significantly cut down your paid search costs. Most importantly, our experts will be always in touch with your business and you will know all the important matrix about your marketing campaign.

We use of management tools

Our experts use sophisticated bid management tools so that they can achieve better results based on comprehensive data analysis. Paid search is not like spending tons of money in a few keywords. It’s more like creating a perfect ad set based on technical and marketing parameters. Our conversion tracking technology allows up to improve the result of PPC within a short period of time. Based on qualitative data, we adjust our PPC strategy dynamically to keep pace with the market changes. Most importantly our precise long tail keyword target strategy allows to filter out the best clients for your business.

Developing your business based on PPC marketing services can be very expensive. At times, it might cost you a huge amount of money due to lack of skills and experience. For this reason, many local and international companies rely on the expertise of our professionals to carry out such programs.

ppc managent tools

You might have a new business or may be worried about your old business. With the advancement of modern technology, without the help of the latest tools and experienced professionals, it’s nearly impossible to make a paid search campaign successful. So, if you want to achieve the best results and boost your sales data within a short period of time we have the perfect solution for your business needs. Let us do all the hard work and create a perfect PPC campaign to ensure the growth of your business and profit. Smart steps from your end will give us the opportunity to make your business more profitable.